Why am I so tired?

‘Why am I so tired all the time’ reached an all-time high in US google searches in June 2023.

People didn’t ask another person. They didn’t ask themselves. They didn’t know, so they asked their computers. They asked a search engine to tell them why.

Ask AI what’s wrong

AI isn’t something that will happen soon, it’s already happening. Confronted with the fact that I feel tired all the time, my source of wisdom on the subject is the internet. 

What if I’m tired all the time because of the screen I am interacting with? Will the search engine tell me the honest truth? Or will it not? Is it in its interest to tell me? And if it is the problem, and it won’t tell me, who will? 

Screens have more answers

If I go to a search engine for wisdom on the subject, and nowhere else, will I ever find a solution to my tiredness? Perhaps I will?

After all, search engines are just connecting us with other real people, right? That can’t be so bad. That is socializing, just on a massive, never-before-known scale. We’ve just supersized socializing. Has it made you feel less lonely, more popular? Maybe it has?

Perhaps it will tell me I need to get out more, do more exercise, socialize with real people, meditate, do yoga, get better sleep?

If the screen tells me to stop sitting on my screen asking search engines questions, who will I turn to next time I need an answer?

Given that the bots are so good, what about us?