Natural blonde, 6’0″, surprisingly intelligent, winning smile, GSOH (why fly in the face of public opinion?)

I have swum in each of the world’s oceans, save the Arctic, into which I’ve dipped a toe and am just psyching myself up for a cold plunge.

I like sex, beer and football, those old maps where everywhere’s spelt any way they fancied, early traveller’s tales of Russia and Siberia, and almost anything the Mediterranean has ever produced.

In my spare time, I write for people. Some of them pay me good money to do it. It’s staggering, really.

I have written for

Bilgi Dergisi, Catalonia Today, Conde Nast’s The World of Interiors, Dulux, Evening Standard, Fair Observer, Ferrari, Heinemann, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, IKEA, Jaguar, Land Rover, London School of Economics, My friend Matt Frost, Myself, NBC News, Platform for Peace & Justice, Property Ladder, Songlines, Springer International, The World Weekly, Volvo, Waitrose, Wanderlust