Trump: the damning verdict

Gratuitous cute dog image (Photo by Juli Kosolapova)

The media (that I read) has tried to restrain itself in the fallout of the US election. It’s attempted to remain unbiased. It’s not Fox News, after all. It has standards to uphold. But despite itself, it still let the truth about Donald Trump’s inhumanity out of the bag. 

No pets shocker!

Now I am aware that Brexit Britain views the BBC as a Communist fifth column in its midst, so call me old fashioned and out-of-date, but for some wacky reason I do still use the BBC to provide me with news reports. 

They did their best to keep a lid on their élan in the face of the Biden victory, but they just couldn’t sustain it. The icing on the bun – for me – was the moderate and sober item that arrived on November 9 about Joe Biden’s pet dogs. 

Cuddly animals win votes

Someone should tell Trump about this. If he’s such a media manipulator, did he not hear about the oldest one in the book – cute pets? As the BBC report (and so many others) fawned over Joe Biden’s dogs, Champ and Major, the shocking, chilling truth was revealed. 

Donald Trump was the first US president in more than 100 years not to have a pet.

BBC News, November 9

Yes, that’s right. There’s been a lot of debate about the Trump presidency. How low could this guy go? Did he not care about common decency? Did he not give a shit about the rules? Well, in the final analysis, all has become clear. 

He doesn’t even own a pet. How inhumane is that? 

I shall now go over to Fox News to hear about the very real threat of rabies infection spreading in the corridors of US power come January…

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