• You’re lucky to be alive

    Man jumping in to sky glad to be alive
    (Photo by Shane Rounce)

    If you’re conscious, you’re lucky. Seriously. Almost all the people who have ever lived aren’t alive right now. But you are (‘cos you’re reading this). Lucky you. 

    I was getting off the commuter train this week and it struck me: Bugger me, I thought, I’m actually alive at the moment. For ages I wasn’t, for ages I won’t be, but now I am. How refreshing. It pepped me right up.

    I had been a bit stressed.

    Run of the mill stuff. Work, home, kids, money, the fact that people are actually panic-buying legumes, the realisation of the futility of stockpiling (if the food supply chain collapses, it all collapses, brothers and sisters! Forget the bog roll). 

    Wasting my precious time. 

    Depression is the constant fear of losing something. You’ve got nothing to lose. Except consciousness. Are you conscious? Tick. It’s your lucky day. 

    Still feeling stressed? Remember, if life gives you cucumbers…